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tv   News  ABC  July 15, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now, good morning maryland. >> bp is conducting a test right now on its ruptured well and we don't know if it will pass for 48 hours. >> the place that makes your titanium golf clubs on fire and look at this video. we have the latest. >> abcers are feeling the pressure. they are working harder than ever. the push to the finish on fleetwood. see that orange truck right there? >> uh-huh. >> a forklift is being run by a guy i went to high school with. >> the volunteers are sort of an untold part of the story. sherrie johnson is there live and they have to go to their
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day job. it's incredible what people are willing to give to make this happen. >> we only work a mile from where we grew up. good morning, maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. >> mike is in for justin burke. good morning there, michael. >> mild conditions out there and that's going to be our launching pad later today for the 90s. let's go to our weather net sites. temperatures into the 70s. normally this time of the year should be into the middle 60s. so that's the launching pad for the 90s today. 88 by noontime. it's a humid day. we'll make it up to 93 for your afternoon hours and the evening will be about 80 to 85 degrees. now it's going to get even warmer as we head into friday and we'll talk more about that coming up in a bit. 5:31, take us to work, kim brown. >> we don't have any accidents around this time. minor delays. hardly any at this hour. we have one report of a water
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main break still on going from yesterday. that's going to be in ellicott city. old columbia pike. that will be in effect throughout the rest of the day. as we look at cameras, no problems around 695. traffic moving freely on both loops here at frederick road and we look here on the northwest side, looking good as well on the northwest corner. megan and jamie, back to you. >> the white house was worried that this new test would hurt the wounded well even more. >> it turns out, bp got the green light to conduct this test and it's going on right now. we won't know for 48 hours if this is going to work and the leak is going to stop. emily schmidt tells us more. >> there's a critical change in the picture of oil spilling into the gulf of mexico. it's coming out the side of a new cap instead of the top. that sideways shift marks a move ahead in the efforts to end the leak. > testing the cap began last night after a nearly 24 hour delay, the incident commander
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stemmed from caution. government scientist wanting to gauge whether piping inside the blownout well could take the pressure or spring more leaks. louisiana governor, bobby jindal expressed his concerns. >> we are at a point where we can't afford to make this worse. we can't afford them to do damage to this well. >> now, bp will slowly close three valves, checking the pressure every 12 seconds with progress reports every six hours. if the pressure rises, the spill could finally be contained. >> we will close it completely down and the pressure will save the lives around 9,000psi and that will be it. >> first thing you have to do is get that well to stop flooding. >> chief operating officer says there is progress. a new washington post poll shows gulf coast residents frustration. 72% raided the bill response badly. 82% said bp has done a poor job. >> one in three gulf coast
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residents said they have been depressed because of the oil. they will talk about the mental and health prospects of this. abc news, washington it sounded like a freight train coming. we saw the car flying through the air, coming towards us. >> talking about this car crashing into a store after slamming into three other vehicles. this happened along route 1 in hickory yesterday and shoppers and workers were inside. rooms with a view tile and flooring design studio and they are all shocked. >> you think that a car would go air bound that high, but it did. just about right through the store. >> the driver who is believed to have caused the accident may have been under the influence. flown to shock trauma. a driver and another car also had to go to the hospital
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yesterday. >> 5:35 right now. parents listen up, there's a consumer alert for you that you need to know about. 82,000 drop side cribs from pottery barns kids are being recalled over safety concerns. the safety commission says there have been 36 reports of drop side rails that have functioned or detached. seven children suffered minor injuries. the consumer product safety commission urges parents to immediately stop using these cribs. pottery barn kids is offering free repair kits. if you would like more information, head to our website, when you get there, click on news and recalls. 72 degrees at 5:35. police arrested a man they say has been burglarizing homes for six months. investigators layed it out for us. thousands of stolen property seized. looks like a wal-mart. i mean, look at the items.
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it's unbelievable. electronics and dvd's and tv consoles. give them more of an idea of where the suspect struck and when. >> everything shows us right now that he has been at it for six months. we are taking this property, we are backtracking. we are going six months linking the property to open burglaries, you know, throughout the city. >> so, take a look at the stuff here. if you think you are a recent burglar victim, you think any of this stuff is yours, here's the number, 410-396-2433. all right, it's no longer just the birds and the bees. >> school board gets an earful of a controversial sex education proposal. >> teach this material to young children is beyond anything a christian could ever
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imagine. >> we have details on the plan and reaction to it. i tell you what, tee time is going to be delayed this morning. wait until you hear this story going on in l.a. first, here is meteorologist, mike mastco. >> temperature right now, 72 degrees. that's going to max out into the 90s later today. we'll talk more with mark. >> commute to find the number 97 bus, running 20 minutes late. the 97 also bypassing green hill apartments as a diversion, be aware of that. and the number 55 bus inbound working a diversion. you'll find your light rail, metro, subway, and mark train services operating on time. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer?
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now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right, 5:40, meteorologist is here and it's going to be a muggy day out there. temperatures nearing and surpassing 90 degrees. we'll start you out with our
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weather net site at 72 degrees. downtown, 71. these temperatures will start the launching pad into the 90s later today. there's your temperatures area wide from wilmington down to the eastern shore and into dc. everyone is into the middle and upper 70s. dew point, that's the real story. dew point near 70 and above, that makes the atmosphere feel oppressive and that's what we will be dealing with today. look out to the north and west, getting socked with storms. we'll talk more about that and when it will enter our region coming up in a bit. kim, good morning. >> good morning. this morning is the beginning of our rush hour. dry roads certainly help things out a whole lot. as we take a peek at our drive times, we are incident free for the most part. we are working that water main break out in ellicott city. that's going to be near the administration building. expect that to be in effect throughout the rest of the day.
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our travel times looking fantastic. 9 minutes from route 100, up to 395. 70 to 32 on route 29. that's a ten minute trip. on the outer loop, that will take you six minutes at this time. linda so is in. >> a young woman is shot to death on the streets of baltimore. i'm linda so. an emotional -- the rain let up, so workers are making up for lost time. i'm sherrie johnson, i'll have the latest on the project. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens virgi
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and always made with naturalngredients, for a taste that's authentically delicious. sargento. persnickety people. exceptional cheese. 5:45 right now. building an 11,000 square foot home in a week, pretty tough. throw in lightning, thunderstorms, and a downpour of rain. it's like mission impossible. volunteers and the crew from the extreme makeover home edition have been working around the clock to get this done. that's where we find sherrie johnson. she's live with all the progress. hey sherrie. >> reporter: yes, progress is what is going on down here. people are all excited about this project. take a look behind me. you can see the house. crews are working on it. up top, you can see they are working on the bricks there. putting the bricks on the front
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of the building there and i tell you, people are telling me the difference that a day can make and the progress of this whole thing. this project is behind schedule because of all the rain. so right now, they are moving really fast to try to make up for the lost time. with all the bad weather, it seems unlikely that the extreme makeover home edition team will be finished with the new girls hope home in time for the scheduled reveal, but they are working hard, still shooting for that goal. now crews are working around the clock and they need all the help they can get. today, they need painters, dry wall installers, and also need trim carpenters. right now we have volunteers joining us. brandon is here. i can tell you have been working hard. look at you. you look like a man that has been working hard. tell me about what your night has been like. what's been going on? >> we have been hanging dry wall, cleaning up. a lot of people have been cleaning up, passing out water. so every now and then, we stop
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to eat. but you are back to work. you have a screw gun in one hand and a chicken sandwich in the other hand. we are enjoying it. it's fun. >> thanks for your help, brandon. come on over here. tell me a little bit. tell me the difference between yesterday and today. it makes a big difference. what have you seen? >> a huge difference. it went from there being no walls up yesterday to insulation being installed, dry wall being put up. i mean, the staircase is just immaculate. it's ridiculous in there, in a good way. it's a huge difference on the inside. >> thank you so much for talking to me. thank you for being up here. again, they still need volunteers to come on out here and help and they need dry wall installers, trim carpenters. but brick masons, any of those things, you can come on out this morning.
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reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> it is 5:47 right now. her name is yolanda howard. she died in a car. her family stood on that same street and said this isn't the way it's supposed to end for any of us here in baltimore. here's abc2 news linda so. >> it's the story we hear way too often in the city. a young woman's life cut short by violence. dozens of family and friends gathered for an emotional vigil. they wore t-shirts. she was known as the rock star angel. yolanda was found shot to death at a car around 4:00 a.m. saturday. she was shot in the head. her parents spoke at the vigil last night. her mom reminding everyone that life is too short for violence. >> if you don't have your kids, go get them. spend time. figure out how you can get them. if you don't have a relationship with your mother, you need to go get one. i don't care if she didn't say what you thought she should
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have said. go get your mama, get your daddy, your aunt. be the bigger person, because in the end, you don't know when they are going to close and you won't have this opportunity. >> and police have not made any arrests so far in this case. if you have any information on who killed yolanda howard, call the baltimore city police. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. word this morning of another heat related death. that brings the total up to 13. we are told the victim died last week in baltimore county. a health department spokesman says the person had underlying health conditions and was found in a home without air- conditioning. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> and once again, we will have to watch for that heat. we will be dealing with a lot of heat and humidity. a lot of humidity out there right now. 72 downtown.
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look at that humidity. 91%. almost a saturated atmosphere. we will feel it once you step outside. it's going to hit you like a wall and that barometer starting to rise. temperatures across the area into the 70s. 72 downtown. you are at 71 degrees. the dew point measures the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, as we have been saying all morning long. it is thick out there and you can see that air. that will be with us for the afternoon. satellite and radar showing the area of low pressure that we saw yesterday pushing offshore. we are going to be dealing with a lot of sunshine this afternoon. making the real feel numbers with the humidity nearing the upper 80s, or upper 90s, closing in on 100. warm front slides to the north by friday evening. this is going to be a cold front, friday night going into saturday to deal with some showers and drenching downpours. all that moisture has to go somewhere. it is going to go straight down and dealing with the possibility of localized flooding. so your forecast boils up like
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this. 93 degrees, mostly sunny, hot, and humid. real feel numbers will be in the middle 90s. 73 degrees. mostly clear, with dew points and the temperature going together, we are going to see fog develop for the overnight. for tomorrow, hot. 96 degrees. the humidity making the real feel numbers to about 100 degrees. seven-day forecast shapes up like this. friday, showers and storms. late in the day, we will hold off the chance for our western sections. downtown, probably 6:00 to 8:00. we'll top to 96. 92 on saturday with a good deal of showers and storms before noon and afternoon, we'll be dealing with sunshine. 92 for sunday, monday, tuesday, 90 degrees or better heading into wednesday and the humidity stays with us for the next seven days. let's get a check on traffic. kim brown, how are we doing? >> we have reports of a vehicle that ran off the roadways. southbound route 10 just past east ordinance road, you are going to see police on the scene. also, a disabled vehicle just
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outside of the two. neither of these incidents should affect you. drive times are going to be okay. five minutes from bell air road to providence. no problems on the very topside between 83 and the jfx. that is running at one minute travel time. as we look at our cameras, traffic is moving well. here's 95 in both directions at 195. no problems as you head
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southbound. the parkway is checking in incident free. no problems as you make your way southbound headed towards montgomery county. stay with us, we have more of your news, weather, and traffic when good morning maryland returns right after this quick break. [ joey ] uh, my family's been in the dairy business
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is this amazing. check out this. more than 200 firefighters, three were injured. officials say that flames ravaged six buildings, causing millions of dollars in damage. the cause right now under investigation, but just incredible video coming out of california. >> five away from 5:00, a
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school board proposal in montana is gaining national attention. the proposed sex education program teaches 5th graders the different ways people have intercourse and first graders about gay love. even kindergarteners would learn about body parts. >> teach this kind of material to young children is beyond anything a godly christian could imagine. reading over the material myself, what kind of teacher could speak in such terminology? >> i agree with this curriculum in its entirety. health education should address the whole child. not segregated by body parts yow. are entrusted to teach our children from k through 12 and that includes not weakening the standards to avoid controversy. >> now one resident say parents may have to consider impeachment of board members or a lawsuit if this goes further than this. >> the storms created problems in the baltimore area. >> nothing like what we had to
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deal with up in philadelphia. take a look at this. the dramatic rescue of a man stuck under a bridge with waters rushing all over him. >> also, harry reid is loved or hated. there's no love after one woman left in her obituary about the house majority leader. >> cheap deals come with great coupons. the top five ways to keep your checking account full and one ad could offer you more than $2 off a gallon of gas. we have temperatures that are into -- sorry. we have temperatures out there that are into the 70s and 60s. that's above normal for this time of the morning. we are going to talk more about that seven-day forecast is going to get hot quickly.
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